Scammers’ New Fraud Method: Youtube Ads

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We are facing with a new fraud method. Let’s discuss this issue in order to raise awareness of internet user.
With this method, fraudsters aim to reach target audiences through YouTube ads. In their advertisements, they aim to attract attention and gain trust in order to deceive their targets by using their own dubbing on video images of person(s) who have nothing to do with the subject.
Let’s examine the examples together.

Example 1

As it seems, scammers can also choose the videos they use during phishing among irrelevant videos of famous people in order to be more convincing.

In the YouTube ad in the screenshot, there is a dubbing of the video of Burak Özçivit, a famous person, in his fundraising broadcast for the earthquake, in which sentences unrelated to the actual video are said.
In the doctored video recording, they are asked to invest in a well-known company. In the relevant advertisement, it is stated that if a loss is made by investing in the türkiye petrolleri company, this loss will be covered from the famous person’s own pocket. It is said that you can make a profit even if you have no investment experience, and even make a profit within a week, and it is stated that making the first deposit of 5270 TL will be sufficient for this.

When you access the link I mentioned in the red square at the bottom left of the record, we can see that an attempt is being made to design something similar to the official website of türkiye petrolleri.

When we continue on the same website, we can see that they aim to support their fraud with fake data and trap unconscious users in their network.

When we check whether the domain they are committing fraud with is identified as malicious by security manufacturers, we see that it is not labeled as harmful by many vendors.

Example 2

This sample advertisement includes a fraud dubbing over a different speech of an unknown person. Again, this video includes a speech aimed at convincing people that they can earn large amounts of money in a short time by investing in the türkiye petrolleri company. They aim to direct the target audience to the link at the bottom left of the record.

When you visit the website, you can see that they have placed a lot of texts to make the target audience believe in the said scam.

In the test they direct you to, they ask you some questions about “Why do you need this investment/money?” and you receive a “success” message regardless of the answers to the questions.

When we check the relevant domain, it appears that many security manufacturers do not have any harmful information about it.

Likewise, when we continue the checks on different sites, we can see that this site is not on the black lists.

After the website is subjected to a detailed scan, no harmful findings are detected on the site.

The fact that no harmful findings are detected on the site does not mean that this site is not harmful. After you submit your information to the form provided to you, you may be sent to the website of a fake investment platform and you may never hear from them again after you make the first deposit they mentioned.

Example 3

Likewise, in this example, fraudsters greet us with an investment incentive advertisement for Tüpraş.

The image in the link directed by the fraudster in the video explains how they want the target audience to deposit the deposit.

As a Result;

One should be careful against such frauds that may cause users to be defrauded by showing phishing ads to internet users through YouTube advertisements that have become widespread recently.

Although such sites are not labeled as harmful by most security vendors, they can be harmful and may aim to defraud you by asking for a deposit.






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